Denise Cox

Denise Cox

Newsweaver, Lead Consultant.

Denise uses her twenty years of award-winning experience in PR & communications to help customers revolutionise their communications.

Denise is Newsweaver’s Lead Consultant. She provides consultancy and best-practice guidance to companies, enabling them to maximise their investment in email.

Originally from Los Angeles, Denise has always been involved in the communications space. Denise worked in the entertainment industry on both sides of the aisle – as a journalist and in media & public relations. This included stints as a CBS radio journalist covering show business, and as a PR exec  at Capitol, Island and Geffen Records – handling the dual challenge of working  with bands, and with the press.

She brings an in-depth understanding of the core concepts of good communication and story telling to the digital space. After moving to Europe, Denise formed her own digital agency, All Real Good Internet, working with blue chip companies to devise effective email communication strategies in what was then the brave new world of digital. During this time she was received the 2002 Overall Net Visionary award from the Irish Internet Association.

When she joined Newsweaver as lead consultant, she brought her passion about effective communication to the company, helping Newsweaver’s customers deliver smarter, more effective and interactive messages into today’s inbox. She has worked with Saudi Aramco, Shell, Philips, Enterprise Ireland, IBEC, KBC, KPMG, University of Manchester, ACCA, Sterling Commerce, Nextiraone, Travelport, Aviva, RBS, Number10, to name just a few.

Denise is a regular speaker at conferences and seminars, as well as conducting workshops around the world. She also contributes to a wide variety of publications, blogs and email newsletters. She serves on the DMA’s Email Marketing Council.

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