Simon Heyes

Simon Heyes

8 Million Stories (8MS), Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Simon Heyes is Co-Founder and Marketing Director at 8 Million Stories (8MS).

Simon began his digital career in 2004 with award-winning search agency, bigmouthmedia. He worked on international projects for brands such as Clarks, Marriott Hotels and Etihad Airways. He led the international sales and proposition strategy across Europe and the US, and helped grow the agency to over 2,500 people worldwide before handing over his carbon footprint to LBi and Publicis in 2012.

Simon co-founded 8MS with some of the bigmouthmedia old guard in 2013, with a fresh proposition that combines Online Marketing and Strategy with Digital Storytelling. 8MS believe that by creating authentic, engaging stories, you can connect your brand and content to the lives of your consumers.

8MS’s current clients include Farfetch,, BBC Global News and Glenfiddich.

Simon has spoken on Search, Social Media and Digital Marketing at events such as Ad:Tech, Internet World, as well as various events held by LBi.

Most recently Simon spoke about content and digital storytelling at an event at the BBC.


How Storytelling Is Changing Digital Marketing, And Improving Engagement – view on SlideShare here


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