Samantha Kelly

Samantha Kelly

The #Irishbizparty, Founders

Samantha Kelly is a mum of two beautiful girls. This is the first important fact! Having had a business herself, she started using twitter as part of her marketing strategy and discovered to her delight that she was a bit of a whizz! Samantha is passionate about assisting others to get on and use Twitter as a fantastic marketing tool to show off what you do! She won the #Tweetieinspire award on October 2nd at the Inaugural RaboTweetie awards too!
Samantha is the founder of the #Irishbizparty which is an increasingly popular event on twitter which trends every Wednesday 9-11pm on Twitter. She started it out of frustration one night just for fun, but then it took off. #Irishbizparty connect with each other and assist one another by sharing one another’s businesses. She calls it networking in our pjs!
Samantha has appeared on Dragons’ Den Ireland and RTE’s ‘She’s the business’ and on various radio and TV programs here in Ireland and has also been on BBC Women’s hour. Take a look at her story about Funky Goddess, her previous business on RTE’s Dragons’ Den!
Samantha is passionate about inspiring others to start a business and assist any way she can especially on Twitter. If she can do it, You can too!


 Twitter Magic – view on Prezi here

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