Rob Bucci

Rob Bucci

STAT Search Analytics, Founder and CEO

Rob is the founder and CEO of STAT Search Analytics (, based in his home town of Vancouver, Canada.

Since 2009, STAT has equipped SEO experts with massive-scale, real-time search data in markets and locations across the globe—all backed up by one-on-one expert service. That’s how they’ve become the data partner of choice for some of the world’s largest online brands and SEO agencies.

Rob has been a developer and entrepreneur in the SEO space since 2005. He especially loves tackling big-data challenges in data mining and analytics. When he isn’t doing that, you can usually find him falling down a ski hill, splashing in the ocean, or taking cookies out of the oven.

You can get in touch with him at or @STATrob


SERP Analytics – SEO Big Data in Action – view on SlideShare here

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