Nicky Spooner

Nicky Spooner

Unruly, Associate Director of Strategy

Nicky Spooner is a Multimedia Native and her career has spanned Express Newspapers and Cosmopolitan Magazine as well as Online and Mobile advertising. Prior to Unruly she worked as FMCG Client Strategy Manager as part of the Comms Solution team at Weve, the mobile joint venture in the UK between O2, Vodafone and EE.

Unruly is the ad tech company that gets videos watched, tracked and shared across the Open Web. Positioned at the intersect of video, social, native & mobile, Unruly uses emotional audience data and user-friendly video formats to massively increase viewer engagement, brand performance & publisher revenues. With 3 out of every 4 video views now taking place outside of YouTube, 90% of Ad Age 100 brands already trust Unruly to connect with audiences at speed and scale across the Open Web.

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