Mark Earls

Mark Earls

HERD, HERDmeister

Mark is a best-selling writer, speaker and consultant whose award-winning work applies contemporary behavioral and cognitive science to the day-to-day business of business. In particular, his recent work highlights our social side (what goes on between us, rather than between our ears). Part of the reason for Mark’s popularity is that his work always provides practical tools for making new ideas useful.

His books include Welcome to the Creative Age, HERD, I’ll Have What She’s Having (with Professors Alex Bentley and Mike O’Brien) and CopyCopyCopy (2015). He has written for many magazines, journals and papers and appeared on British, Irish and Dutch TV and radio but his favourite piece was double page spread in The Sun newspaper about the London Riots (“Come and have a go if you think you’re HERD enough”).

Mark is in much demand as a speaker and advisor for senior business audiences around the world. He has worked with all kinds of organisations as diverse as Channel 4 PLC, Everest Windows, Bacardi Martini, Royal Mail, Barts Hospital and Experian. He’s spoken, in locations as diverse as Shanghai, New York, Atlanta, Stockholm, Cannes, Amsterdam, Berlin, Bournmouth and of course, London (his home town).

In addition, he is heavily involved in training the next generation of marketing and cre- ative professionals. He teaches on the IPA Excellence Diploma, the Marketing Society’s new Be Bold professional development programme and the 4As strategy conference.

Mark is a Fellow of The UK Marketing Society and the RSA, an Honorary Fellow of the IPA and an Ambassador of The School of Life. But mostly, he would rather be fishing.


At DMX Dublin, Mark will be speaking about...

CopyCopyCopy - humanity's greatest hack

We are obsessed by novelty and originality, yet hampered by our culture's notions of creativity and innovation. As throughout human history, it turns out that today the best way to make something new, original and effective is to copy something that has solved a similar problem elsewhere.

Mark will explain the origins of this amazing inheritance and how to use it for both good and ill - how to copy well and badly. We'll explore briefly implications for strategy and for research, for agencies and for marketers. Along the way, we'll meet Elvis, Heart Surgeons, F1 pit teams and we might even do a bit of communal singing together. 


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