Dave Palmer

Dave Palmer

LOVE, Executive Creative Director

Dave Palmer is a founding partner and Executive Creative Director at LOVE, a Manchester based, design-led multi-disciplinary agency.

David has over 26 years of industry experience working with global brands across a broad range of design-centric projects spanning brand experience spaces, packaging, innovation, advertising and brand design.

In its time, LOVE has won just about every design award going, including several D&AD pencils, all of which sit in a stolen Tesco’s shopping trolley in LOVE’s studio.

David has also been a judge for many leading award systems, including foreman of judges for D&AD.


At DMX Dublin, Dave will be speaking about...

LOVE. A serenade to marketing bravery

In a time where data and research are the twin crutches of marketeer job security, here’s a clarion call for marketing courage - through a series of engaging case studies we celebrate those that put their heads on the block in the name of creativity...and won through. 

How they did it, the obstacles they overcame, the leaps of faith made and the results achieved.


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