Colleen Savage

Colleen Savage

Savage Insights, Strategic Planner and Brand Storyshaper

Colleen Savage grew up in a family of retailers, who always understood the power of a good story- both to enjoy and understand life but also to connect to their customers.  She believes that telling a story is key to connecting with our customers, but also in being clear about what we do and why we do it.

As a strategic storyteller, Colleen combines her knowledge of brand planning, insights and research to help clients tell their stories more effectively.  She works with a range of collaborators to bring story telling techniques to a range of business challenges- sharing insights, change management, leadership, sales, harnessing data, creating engaging content and briefing new communications campaigns.  Her approach is to lead clients through a three step process to find what the most engaging element is for their audience, how to shape this into a compelling story, and to tell this story in the most impactful way. 

As part of her strategic consultancy, Savage insights, Colleen runs training courses with large telecommunications providers, DIT, media agencies, research companies and data analysts to bring the story telling approach to how they engage clients.  More recently she worked closely with the management and workers of Bord na Mona to create an online story about their heritage and new strategic direction. 

Most recently she has worked with the Wavemaker media agency as a strategic planner and brand storyteller, to understand how new ways to tell stories with content can add to the reach and engagement of consumer campaigns.



At DMX Dublin, Colleen will be speaking about...

What's the story?  Shaping stories to stay ahead in a changing world

We are living in a golden age of storytelling - providing new and exciting opportunities to tell brand stories.  It also presents a barrier to engagement as attention becomes the new currency.  As well as customers, we must engage our teams, shareholders and leadership to support our strategies for growth.  Exploring the craft and process of storytelling helps to discover and shape the story you will tell, either internally or externally.  Shaping your story enables you to better influence attitudes and behaviours, to stay ahead in a changing world.



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