Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas

Crowdsurfing, Marketing Communications Consultant

Martin is a highly experienced marketing communications consultant, trainer and author.   He is course leader on digital and social media for the Institute of Directors - in which capacity he develops and delivers training workshops for senior directors across the UK.

He has enjoyed a highly successful career in advertising, PR, sponsorship and new media, including senior management roles with some of the world’s leading agencies.  He has advised many multi-national corporations on their marketing and communications strategies, including Xerox, Citibank, Bacardi Global Brands, Sony Ericsson, Royal Mail, Coca-Cola and Colgate-Palmolive. 

Much of his work in recent years has focused on the business response to new, digitally-empowered patterns of customer behavior and changing expectations: a subject on which he has become a highly-regarded writer, speaker and commentator. His first book, Crowd Surfing - which examined how institutions around the world are responding to consumer empowerment - was one of the first business books to talk about the potential of social media.  In his last book, Loose, he explained why institutions need to adopt a looser approach to the way that they think and work if they are to survive and thrive in our highly complex, socially-connected world.   He has recently been commissioned by Pearson to write what he hopes will be the definitive textbook on the strategic application of social media. 

He is a non-executive director of Commonwealth Games England, a former non-executive director of Sport England, a volunteer trainer for the Media Trust  and a Fellow of the RSA.


At DMX Dublin, Martin will be speaking about...


The party’s over.  You’ve had your fun with programmatic, Facebook and the hope of going viral.  But your obsession with optimisation and hyper-targeting, your addiction to Google, your naïve belief in the unique power of digital and your rejection of all pre-digital thinking is destroying your brand.  Now is the time to ignore the hype and rediscover your marketing mojo.

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