Alan O’Rourke

Alan O’Rourke

Audience Stack, VP of Growth

Alan is a seasoned head of Growth experienced in B2B Saas. An award winning Author, Entrepreneur and Marketer, Alan has over 15 years in B2B sales, marketing and product. As a serial entrepreneur Alan founded, building a user base of almost 30,000 users worldwide before selling the company. Author of three successful marketing books, Alan previously founded and ran one of Ireland's leading design agencies winning awards for design and business excellence including a BAFTA nomination.

Alan has helped companies like Riverdance, Virgin America, RTE, and the National Galleries of Scotland. Passionate about all things growth, Alan has lectured at the Dublin Web Summit, Dublin Institute of Technology, European Institute of Management Practice and judged the Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) awards.



At DMX Dublin, Alan will be leading a workshop on...

Creating a unbeatable B2B lead funnel

Discover how global B2B companies drive traffic, capture leads and qualify them before handing them to sales.  This is a hands-on workshop with practical examples for both products and service B2B brands - from SMEs  to multinationals. B2B marketers have all the right tools: website, paid ads, email and social. But to scale you need them all working together with an effective strategy you can automate your demand generation.

During this practical workshop, you will learn how to combine your marketing tools, campaigns and activities with a strategy to build an effective, automated lead funnel. You will discover ways to effectively target leads, qualify them based on their interest and suitability before handing them over to your sales team.  The workshop includes hands-on usage of the tools required to maximise conversion, and working across all your systems.

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