Michael Cowan

Michael Cowan

Brand Distillery, CEO

Michael is a global marketing leader and brand builder, and has worked across three continents on iconic consumer brands such as Guinness, Pepsi, Red Bull, and McDonald’s. 

A frequent ‘Integrated Marketing’ category judge at the MII’s All Ireland Marketing Awards, Michael is a functional expert in all areas of the marketing mix.

In 2010, he invented & launched ‘KP Nachos™’ on behalf of an Irish client, taking market share from PepsiCo’s Doritos in the process. In 2015, he successfully launched his own super-premium lager brand Mont™ (www.montbeer.com); regarded by many as ‘Ireland’s answer to Peroni’. Michael now runs a strategic marketing consultancy, Brand Distillery (www.branddistillery.ie), which specialises in helping ambitious SME Food & Drink brands develop and compete against the big brands.


At DMX Dublin, Michael will be speaking about...


How to Beat the ‘Paradox of Choice'

In the age of artisan this, and craft that, the roll out of new food & drinks brands and line extensions has been astonishing. 

The old adage that '8 out of 10 product launches fail' is being willingly tested to the max, by startups and seasoned players alike. 

But what has been the real impact of this explosion of choice on the Irish consumer? In this talk, Michael explains the 'Emperor's new clothes effect', 

why social media is the death of brand building, and how young brands can beat the ‘paradox of choice’ in a crowded marketplace.


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