Fiona Spooner

Fiona Spooner

Financial Times, Global Marketing Director

Fiona Spooner is Global Marketing Director, B2C at the Financial Times. In her time at the Financial Times, she has played a lead role in implementing the FT's pioneering paywall and growing consumer subscription revenues both in print & digital.  She has led cross-functional teams to build customer acquisition, engagement, retention & marketing operations whilst supporting the continuous evolution and optimisation of the paywall strategy.    


At DMX Dublin, Fiona will talk about..

The Financial Times' March to a Million Through Access and Engagement


The Financial Times implemented a metered paywall in 2002 and pushed to digital subscriptions before almost every other publisher in the world. It now generates more revenue through digital content than advertising and has continued to grow, with almost a million paid subscribers across the world.

Fiona will discuss the FT's approach to implementing a paid content model, how they has evolved to adapt to consumer behaviour and how the FT's dual access approach has contributed to that success.  

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