Elvis Velic

Elvis Velic

eCommerce Consultant, Freelance

Elvis is an expert in eCommerce marketing, focussing specifically on growing and scaling direct-to-consumer, online only brands. He has worked with numerous brands in the last few years to bring from an idea to a fully formed business .At DMX Dublin, Elvis will reveal the
many growth marketing tools to for customer acquisition, conversion rate optimisation, creating funnels that work and analytics and tracking that gives insight.


At DMX Dublin, Elvis will be speaking about...

Zero to 100k: lessons learnt from scaling 3 eCommerce businesses in one year.

Fashion, cosmetics and car parts: three totally different businesses. What if you applied the same rigorous thinking to each brand and were able to scale them purely online - and in a short space of time? Well, this is exactly what Elvedin 'Elvis' Velic set out to achieve in 2018. Find out the strategies, insights, tools and techniques that he applied to scale 3 eCommerce businesses - in just one year.

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