Fiona Hodgins

Fiona Hodgins

Edelman, Director

Fiona is a Director at Edelman Ireland where she is a senior advisor whose job it is to help clients solve business challenges and identify opportunities that grow brand relationships, reputation and ultimately bottom-line.  She works with a diverse range of clients who operate in sectors such as FMCG, hospitality, financial, alcohol and retail like Danone, KBC, Irish Distillers and Mars Ireland. With over fifteen years’ experience, she uses insight to shape solutions and Edelman proprietary tools to support effective storytelling, that is both credible and validated when taken into the real world. She started her career in London, where she held senior positions in agencies such as Ketchum and Freuds in their Consumer Brand and Lifestyle divisions working for clients like Unilever, Proctor & Gamble and Carlsberg,


Fiona is a UCD graduate who’s natural curiosity has kept her interested in continuous learning with the annoying habit of always asking questions.  She currently lives in Dublin with her husband Al and two children, Isabella and Finn.


At DMX Dublin, Fiona is moderator of a panel who will be discussing...


Navigating the new societal context, with opportunity comes responsibility for Marketing.


A lot of old societal certainties seem to be coming unstuck and significant new trends emerging, among them political fragmentation and the emergence of a strong left, economic prosperity undermined by poor services, an increasingly ambiguous attitude to immigration and the persistent dearth of gender diversity in all facets of life. We are faced with a series of weighty challenges.


Join Edelman to understand key findings from the 2020 Edelman Trust Barometer, which reveals at a time of high employment and economic growth, concerns around capitalism, equality and other important social issues are rising to the surface.  Perspective will be added by a panel who’s discussion will be guided by Fiona Hodgins, Director at Edelman and includes Roisin Ingle from the Irish Times and Feargal Purcell, former Government press secretary and Head of Public Affairs at Edelman. The question they will seek to add insight to is given that the luxury of standing aside on the issues of the day is no longer available to business, where stands marketing, with its potent reach and power in managing these competing realities and what does it mean for businesses bottom line?

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