James Hankins

James Hankins

Vizer Consulting , Founder & Consulting Strategist

James Hankins is the Founder and Consulting Strategist at Vizer Consulting a brand and business consulting practice.  A Marketing Week change maker in 2020 for his work discovering Share of Search, James has 18 years behind him working on some of the biggest brands and most famous campaigns in the world including IKEA, John Lewis, Coca-Cola and the UK's DoH.  A published writer, James had 3 of the top papers on WARC in 2020 and is set for more writing in 2021 in addition to his blog theeqplanner.wordpress. James set up Vizer Consulting to support clients strategic business/marketing needs based on rigorous contextual analysis, a clear understanding of commercial business mechanics and creative problem solving. 

Panel Discussion: 

The most interesting marketing metric you've never heard of

With modern marketers drowning in data and metrics, finding signal in the noise can often be difficult without spending heavily on bespoke research. 

But in 2020 we saw the growth in popularity of a simple, generally applicable and useful measure that allows us to generate category wide insight.

At a simple level 'share of search' provides us with an elegant way to measure market share, but can also be used to generate unique insight about customers and competitors.

So why has a measure that has been staring us in the face for years and doesn't require a big budget to develop become such a hot topic?

Chaired Rothco Accenture Interactive Media & Performance Lead Shane O'Leary, this panel will examine the context behind this new metric and deeply examine the benefits, limitations and use cases for 'share of search'. 


Panellists include: 

- James Hankins (Vizer Consulting), the ex agency strategists who's research and writing helped uncover and popularise the measure 

- - Grace Kite (MD & Founder at Magic Numbers) a marketing effectiveness expert who will help attendees understand how this metric fits into a balanced measurement strategy

- Prof. Mark Ritson (Marketing Week Mini MBA) who will tell us why SOS might lead to the development of 'one the most exciting and useful marketing metrics of the near future 

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