Presentation Slides 2018




BLUE STREAM - President's Terrace


Martin Weigel, Wieden + Kennedy : The Case for Chaos - Available Here ⇒

Richard Shotton, Manning Gottlieb : Why Brands need to be more brazen about their flaws - Available Here ⇒

Yvonne Kiely, EY-Seren : Taking a customer centric approach can deliver significant value for customers and businesses alike - Unavailable

Sara Holt, LEGO : Brand Launch Evolution - Unavailable 

Daniel Gilbert, Brainlabs : I know your pregnant before you do: Getting performace and personalisation right - Unavailable

Imaad Ahmed, WARC : Lessons from the world's best marketing campaigns - Available Here ⇒

Dave Palmer, LOVE : Love. A serade to marketing bravery - Available Here ⇒


RED STREAM - President's Suite


David O Riordan, iProspect : Beyond Bitcoin : Blockchain and its role in the future of advertising - Available Here ⇒

Dara Deering, KBC Bank Ireland : Being Digital First and a Digital Frontrunner - Unavailable

Meabh Quoirin, Foresight Factory : Trending 2018: embracing the new ‘Never Normal’ era - Available Here ⇒

Antony Puttick, Epsilon : The Old. The New. The Now Available here ⇒

Claire Hyland + Tiffany Arntsont, Thinkhouse : Welcome to the Brave New World of Adulthood - Unavailable 


GREEN STREAM : Henry Dunlop


Jaclyn Kalb + Julien Goretti, Storyful: Getting Clued In: The Journey from Insights To Creative - Available Here ⇒

Sean Donnelly, Econsultancy : Structuring Your Marketing Team - Available Here ⇒

Ronan Guilfoyle, Amazon : Innovation at Amazon - Unavailable

Tim Collins, UEG ( Edelman ) : The Power of Partnerships - Available Here ⇒

Martin Thomas, Crowdsurfing : Navigating the post-digital minefield - Available Here ⇒




Alan Heary, Going in the Zone : Instilling a winning mindset for success - Available Here ⇒

Colleen Savage. Savage Insights: What’s the story? Shaping stories to stay ahead in a changing world - Available Here ⇒

Michael Cowan, Brand Distillery : How to Beat the ‘Paradox of Choice’ - Available Here ⇒

Jill McGrath, TAM Ireland : Joining the Dots - Available Here ⇒

Evelyn Wolfe, BusinessBrew : GDPR and why it won’t kill your marketing & sales funnel - Available Here ⇒




Alan O’Rourke, Audience Stack : Creating an Unbeatable B2B Lead Funnel - Unavailable

Vincent Haywood, VH Digital : How to create and amplify your content like a boss - Available Here ⇒

Jennifer Hyland, Edelman with Damian Low + Simon Quinton, Edelman Intelligence : Measuring Success: The Why & The How - Available Here ⇒

Vinny O'Brien, vinny+co : Creating the Perfect eCommerce Strategy - Unavailable



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