Dr. Patricia Scanlon

Dr. Patricia Scanlon

SoapBox Labs, Founder + CEO

Dr Patricia Scanlon is one of Ireland's leading experts on speech technology and artificial intelligence. She is the founder and chief executive of SoapBox Labs, the Dublin-based startup building speech technology for kids.

She holds a PhD in Speech Recognition technology and Machine Learning systems and have held positions with Columbia University in New York, IBM T.J. Watson Research Centre and has served as an Adjunct Lecturer for Trinity College Dublin. She is also a senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers.


At DMX Dublin, Patricia will be speaking on a panel about...

Navigating the A.I. Boom!

How will artificial intelligence influence the future of everyday services? What are the technologies set to win out, filtering their way through to mainstream products?

INM technology editor Adrian Weckler, Dr Patricia Scanlon and Prof Barry Smyth will deconstruct the technology and indicate the likely winners and losers.

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