Yvonne Kiely

Yvonne Kiely

EY-Seren, Head of EY-Seren Ireland

Yvonne is Head of EY-Seren Ireland, an established design and innovation consultancy. Yvonne helps clients be first to market with differentiated customer experiences.

Yvonne has extensive experience in leading programmes across utilities, retail, technology and financial services at home here in Ireland, in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Yvonne’s work has focused on the design and implementation of customer centric organisations, leveraging the digital value chain, and optimising marketing effectiveness to drive customer engagement and sustainable lifetime value.

Prior to EY, Yvonne worked in industry across technology, telecommunications, and financial services in range of roles.


At DMX Dublin, Yvonne will be speaking about...


Taking a ‘customer centric’ approach can deliver significant value for customers and businesses alike.

Businesses are evolving as they struggle to keep-up with accelerating developments in digital technology and changing customer behaviour. Over the last 10 years businesses have focused transformation efforts on ‘digital’ – building systems and capabilities that use digital channels to present information, enable tasks and reduce costs.

However, most businesses still take an ‘inside out’ approach. They look at their technologies, processes, structures and capabilities and develop products and services based on those. The result is a fragmented and frustrating experience for the customer, which is hard to significantly improve without transformational and cultural change.

To achieve a significant change in value for customers and businesses, a ‘customer centric’ approach is required. Every business decision must answer the question ‘what is best for the customer?’ 

To decide ‘what is best for the customer’ we need to deeply understand customers’ behaviours, decision making processes and desires.

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