Yvonne Kiely

Yvonne Kiely

EY-Seren, Head of EY-Seren Ireland

Yvonne is Head of EY-Seren Ireland, an established design and innovation consultancy. Yvonne helps clients be first to market with differentiated customer experiences.

Yvonne has extensive experience in leading programmes across utilities, retail, technology and financial services at home here in Ireland, in the US, Canada, UK and Australia. Yvonne’s work has focused on the design and implementation of customer centric organisations, leveraging the digital value chain, and optimising marketing effectiveness to drive customer engagement and sustainable lifetime value.

Prior to EY, Yvonne worked in industry across technology, telecommunications, and financial services in range of roles.

At DMX DUblin, Yvonne will be speaking about... 

Trust as a key feature of reputation and brand 


Truth and trust are the core tenets of reputation and therefore the manifestation of our reputations in each interaction that creates our brand

If trust is the firm belief in the reliability, truth or ability of someone or something, how many brands do we truly trust? Where is the current temperature on truth and trust? And how can we empower ourselves and our C-Suite colleagues to recognise the component parts of our brand and enable ourselves to manifest our strategic intent through the 4 key pillars of trust: values, integrity, mutuality and commitment

In an era of continuous disruption, how are we equipped to understand, manage and react in aligning the benefits of this fundamental topic of trust to our customers and to our businesses?

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