Leonie Lynch

Leonie Lynch

Juspy, Founder

Leonie Lynch is the founder of Juspy an Irish start up targeting the ever more demanding health and nutrition market. Its first product is a functional food called Juspy Original - a healthy indulgent super smoothie, a cacao elixir with ten ingredients each chosen for a specific purpose, to nourish the body inside-out. In 2018 Juspy Original was shortlisted as Health & Wellness product of the Year in the Food and Drink Business Awards, featured as an Irish Times New Innovator year and recently given a Business All-Star Accreditation by the Business All-Star Foundation. Juspy is also an alumni of Food Works Ireland. Juspy’s brand identity and development and has been heavily influenced by Leonie’s personal and professional experience.


Leonie has a PhD in branding and an MSc in Marketing from the University of Limerick, complimented with a BA in Fine Art from Limerick School of Art & Design. She has also 10 years experience as a Wellness Activist - speaking at events such as Wellfest - and as a movement coach, highly qualified in Mat & Reformer Pilates, Animal Flow and Pre & Postnatal Functional Training. Leonie’s Solo Flow method of teaching will feature in this years Thrive Festival Dublin 2019.

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