Jenni Romaniuk

Jenni Romaniuk

Ehrenberg-Bass Institute, Associate Director

Jenni Romaniuk is a Research Professor of Marketing and Associate Director (International) at the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute - the world’s largest centre for research into marketing.

As the key architect behind the Ehrenberg-Bass approaches to Distinctive Asset, Category Entry Point and Mental Availability measurement, Jenni has worked with companies all over the world to help them build stronger brands.  Her book, Building Distinctive Brand Assets (Oxford University Press), helps marketers to future-proof their brand’s identity, and set up long-term brand strategies, while How Brands Grow Part 2 builds and expands on the knowledge revolution started in How Brands Grow.

Jenni’s expertise also spans mental and physical availability, brand equity, brand health tracking, word-of-mouth and advertising effectiveness. She was editor of the Journal of Advertising Research from 2014-2016, and now sits on the Journal’s Senior Advisory Board.


At DMX Dublin Jenni will speak about:

Building a DAM(s) - setting up a system to build and protect Distinctive Assets


Distinctive Assets should be treated as ‘living’ parts of the brand, that need constant nurturing and protection to keep strong.  Neglected Distinctive Assets will be lost as they decay away memory.  Distinctive Assets are also vulnerable to natural predators both inside the company (those who seek unnecessary change) and outside the company (competitors seeking to imitate). 

In this presentation Professor Jenni Romaniuk will take you through the five steps needed to build a system within your company to manage the brands’ Distinctive Assets, and the signs to look out for so you can anticipate when problems might arise and head them off early.

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