JP Hanson

JP Hanson

Rouser, CEO

JP Hanson is the chief executive for international consultancy Rouser, a globally recognized authority on strategy, columnist for MarketingWeek and a popular keynote speaker. He has delivered keynotes at events all over the world, from Reykjavik to Mumbai and London to Dubai, always with an entertainingly no-nonsense approach. Both a marketer and a lawyer, he is known for a firm belief in critical thinking, observable evidence and complete freedom from hype.


At DMX Dublin JP will be talking about...

A Matter of Time


Times are changing faster than ever before, or so we are told. Companies of all sizes must transform their strategies, become agile and act like startups to handle a new competitive reality, or so they are told. Time is of the essence. Change is the new normal. Adapt or die.

But is it all actually true?

In this entertaining keynote, strategy expert JP Hanson challenges what have become accepted industry truths in a strategic masterclass that will change how you see the world. Myths will be busted, narratives revisited and toes undoubtedly stepped on.

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