Paul Dervan

Paul Dervan

National Lottery , Chief Marketing Officer

Paul is the CMO for Ireland's National Lottery. Previously he was the Global Brand Director at Indeed, the world’s largest and fastest growing job site, with over 200 million visitors every month. There, he was tasked with growing the brand in multiple markets, managing a global team of 80 people, and was responsible for investment of hundreds of millions of advertising dollars. He also started a Marketing Campaign Lab, where he created and tested hundreds of marketing experiments in America, Europe, Australia and Asia. Before that, Paul was with PokerStars, the world’s largest online poker brand, as Creative Director for their Full Tilt brand. 


At DMX Dublin, Paul will be speaking about...

Run with Foxes: Make Better Marketing Decisions


Marketing effectiveness is essentially about making better decisions. Paul's marketing effectiveness workshop is about which bets he believe are better ones. He leans into his own 20 years experience, as well as the insights he gleaned from quizzing 40 global marketing experts for his new book 'Run with Foxes'. The workshop is practical, understanding advice from an insider, not an outsider's lecture on how we could all be less dumb. Nor is it a bragging tale of how he kicked ass in marketing. Paul's shares his mistakes so that all may learn from them. He doesn't promise any easy answers but his reflections and insights will remind you that we are in the thinking business and any way you can challenge your own critical thinking is a good thing.

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