Denise Doyle

Denise Doyle

Retail Republic, Managing Director & Owner

Denise is an accomplished and insight driven marketer who is Managing Director of Retail Republic – a dedicated Brand & Creative Agency for Challenger Brands. Her expertise is in helping clients unearth compelling Brand Positioning Strategies for long term growth. Known for her practical workshop approach, she is influenced by 20 years working industry and the Marketing Departments of top global FMCG | Retail | Tech | Insurance and Food Producing Companies like Unilever, Nestle, Britvic, Meteor, Eircom. 


At DMX Dublin, Denise will be speaking about...

Sustainability - Brand Purpose or Brand Wash? 


Brands thrive on meaningful customer connections when they effectively use trends that connect on deep-rooted social, political and environmental factors. With ‘Sustainability’ set to make a permanent shift in society how do brands evolve in a sustainable way without becoming guilty of ‘purpose wash’ or ‘greenwashing’?

Join Denise Doyle from Brand & Conquer who will be discussing all things branding, positioning and sustainability.

Denise Doyle is Managing Director of Brand & Conquer A Dublin based full service brand strategy, design and advertising agency.

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