Cathriona Nash

Cathriona Nash

TUDublin, Consumer Researcher & Lecturer

Dr Cathriona Nash is a consumer researcher who lectures in Marketing and Consumption at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels in Technological University Dublin. Cathriona’s research lies in consumer culture theory (CCT) with a special interest in (family) consumption, mass mediated marketplace ideologies, critical marketing and sociology of (family) consumption. Cathriona has presented her work both nationally and internationally. She has also published internationally in journals such as the European Journal of Marketing. As part of her work Cathriona advocates for the inclusion and complementary use of ‘thick data’ in an era of ‘big data’ in order to move from data to understanding.


At DMX Dublin, Cathriona will be speaking about...

Beyond (Big) Data Analytics: Return to the Customer

For some time now big data analytics has dominated marketing practice. Both global industries and academic institutions rush to respectively employ data analytics software and develop data analytics modules in order to equip employees with the requisite skills. Organisations now have more data about their customers than ever before and it is utilised to influence various strategies. But what if there is more beyond ‘big’ data analytics? What about ‘thick’ data? ‘Thick’ data provides an understanding of the stories behind the data which is thought to result in greater knowledge and wisdom about customers. Here we explore the idea of using (complementary) ‘thick’ data to enhance ‘big’ data analytics with a view to being truly customer centric.

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