Wiemer Snijders

Wiemer Snijders

The Commercial Works, Partner

Wiemer Snijders frequently speaks and writes about marketing and buyer behaviour. As a partner at The Commercial Works, he works with clients in understanding and applying facts and evidence to increase the effectiveness of their marketing investments. He has worked (internationally) with a broad range of clients in automotive, financial services, foodservice, FMCG, energy, travel, retail, non-profits and e-commerce.

Wiemer is also curator and editor of the international bestseller Eat Your Greens: Fact-Based Thinking To Improve Your Brand's Health.


At DMX Dublin Wiemer will be speaking about...


Data-driven dead-ends

There is now an abundance of data and technology available to better understand the people to whom we are selling our products and services. However, they are rendered useless if we don’t know how to use them effectively. Unfortunately, this is all too often the case.

And herein lies the objective of this talk: not only to counter some of the hype and nonsense in the industry, but also to provide perspectives on how marketing can better itself, inspired by the advances in marketing science.

Let’s use data to drive commercial results instead of stopping us in our tracks.

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